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Inner turmoil and physical discomfort brought me to yoga in Nepal and later to other bodywork practices like emotional bodywork. The moments of pause and conscious concentration makes my body stronger and more resistant. It makes me feel more comfortable in my skin. With this experience I found myself closer to myself and learn to create a balance on an emotional, intellectual and physical level.


In Mexico and Peru I studied plant medicine and was able to deepen my Mexican roots at the same time. The paths of plant medicine and shamanism are sometimes mysterious, but I am learning to walk them with love, ease and humility.

With my sharma approach I combine karma with shamanism. Karma describes the concept that every action, physical and spiritual, has a consequence. These consequences can express themselves in different ways and are particularly evident on the physical and material levels.

The core idea of shamanism is that every living being - plant, animal and human - carries an energy within itself. Thus we are always moving in the world of energy and in the mystery of life and the universe.

sharma  combines karma in the form of bodywork such as yoga and emotional bodywork with shamanism and sound healing. The material reality and also the energy world are thus taken into account. This means healing and benefit for body, mind and soul.

sharma is my personal way of practising spirituality authentically. One foot in the groundedness of the material world and one foot in the mysteries of life and the universe.


Das Yoga mit Alexi war eine komplett neue und sehr gewinnende Erfahrung für uns.

Als Yoga-Anfänger wurden wir perfekt eingeführt und können einmal die Woche abschalten, neue Energie und viel Inspiration dazugewinnen.


Bereits nach wenigen Sessions konnten wir eine deutliche Verbesserung unserer Beweglichkeit feststellen. Die Balance zwischen Aktivität und Entspannung ist perfekt. Nur zu empfehlen.

Barbara & Yves Reitmann

Thank you Alexi for accompanying us, my pregnant girlfriend and I, during our baby blessing ceremony with our closest friends.

To anyone considering doing a ceremony with Alexi, stop considering it.... do it! She's the best...From the preparatory consultation where Alexi perfectly understood the spirit of what we wanted to share with our closest friends, to the love-filled cacao ceremony (her recipe is amazing BTW), to the transcendental sound healing that transported us to a higher plane of consciousness, to Alexi's care and attention and infectious positivity, everything was just so loving and seamless. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Philippe Amarisa

Alexi guided me through a powerful emotional bodywork session, where she created a safe, warm and welcoming environment for me. I was quite nervous going into it, but she was so calm and nonjudgemental that I immediately was able to let go into the moment and experience what I needed to.


Whatever came up, Alexi was there to support me and guide me through it. The session was incredibly powerful, and I still think about it constantly. She has definitely made an impact on my journey and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone on theirs.

Laia Alonso

Mit Emotional Bodywork hat mir Alexi geholfen, Zugang zu meinen Emotionen zu finden.


Mit ihrer offenen und empathischen Art habe ich mich bei ihr von Anfang an wohl und gut aufgehoben gefühlt, sodass ich mich rasch auf die Körperarbeit einlassen konnte.


Ihre Sessions begleitet Alexi ganz liebevoll mit Instrumenten und einer ruhigen Stimmführung. Auch hat sie sich die Zeit genommen, mir alle meine Fragen Fachkundig und geduldig zu beantworten. Danke Alexi für deine Unterstützung

Karine Furrer

Alexi created a warm and safe container to truly feel and release my emotions. I was expecting it to be more rude and painful, but thanks to her gentle guidance I was able to very subtly observe and analyse my feelings, where they manifested in my body and how I could let them go. After our session, I felt lighter, more balance and in charge of my emotional body. Thank you, Alexi.

Leonoor Leus

I have had the pleasure to join Alexi's, cacao, soundhealing, yin yoga and most recently her emotional bodywork session.
Experiencing these different elements with her guidance truly took me on a trip so special, intimate, and ultimately, safe.
I had a beautiful guided meditation for her emotional bodywork session, and left with the clarity I needed.
Alexi also facilitated a soundhealing journey within my ayahuasca ceremony this past February. Having experienced both for the first time simultaneously, has easily left an indelible mark in my life that came with a great inner and outer shift.
I have since revisited our sessions that have each been so incredibly special and I am confident that they are truly a gift that keeps on giving. Forever grateful to know someone who takes the time and is truly present with you, unconditionaly. Thank you Alexi, for being part of my spiritual journey and sharing your gifts with the world.

Yanet García

Alexi guided us through an intimate journey to celebrate cacao, where together we sang, meditated and gave thanks. We drank our Cacao in the idyllic candle lit environment overlooking the setting sun, basking in Alexis warmth and beautiful musical ability. The ceremony emphasized and encouraged a real appreciation for the importance and spiritual nature of Cacao. It was genuinely one of the highlights of my time in Puerto Escondido.

Alex Assael

Alexi hat eine wunderschöne private Rapé- & Soundhealing-Zeremonie für mich ausgerichtet.

Das Ambiente, die Musik und die Gerüche waren entspannend und wohltuend. Ich konnte mich auf magische Art mit meinem Higher-Self verbinden und mehr Klarheit zu meinen Fragen erhalten. Alexi hat den Raum mit Geborgenheit und Sicherheit gehalten. Lieben Dank. Ich empfehle es sehr Dir auch diese Erfahrung zu gönnen und Dir selbst damit Wertschätzung entgegenzubringen.

- Katia Giry

I had the joy to experience my first ever ceremony by joining Alexis cacao ceremony this summer and I am beyond amazed.


The different elements such as drinking the cacao, doing yoga, enjoying Alexis guided soundhealing meditation and chanting with a beautiful group of wonderful beings brought so much ease and relaxation to my body and soul.


I remember while we were chanting together the little birds hiding in the trees just next to the window felt the joy and were "chanting" with us which was so wonderful. Thank you Alexi for the wonderful experience and happiness you gifted to us with your beautiful spirit.

Janine Wyler

Alexi is a very down to Earth, loving and knowledgeable woman who guides you in a way that makes you not only comfortable but is very healing. Her approach is gentle but effective and she adjusts the soundhealing session towards the persons needs in which she tunes in

Maylu Kuyper

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