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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony

The cacao ceremony is heart-opening and brings out feelings. In this way, energy can flow again and intuition and vitality are strengthened.

In a cacao ceremony, the doors to the subconscious are opened with a consciously chosen intention, taking into account the emotional and energetic aspects.

In order to unfold the full effect of the cacao, the first part of the cacao ceremony involves working with the body to release blockages. The body is activated with movements from yoga.


As soon as Mama Cacao makes itself felt in the heart with soothing warmth and mindfulness, we dive into the energetic movement work in the second part of the cacao ceremony. Here you can let your emotions flow in soundhealing or go on a journey of discovery with yourself in a shamanic meditation.

In the circle of the cacao ceremony you have the possibility to get to the pulse of your emotions and your inner truth.

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