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Emotional Bodywork

The somatic therapy emotional bodywork supports you to process emotions and release physical tension. 

The sessions can include breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques and sound healing to cultivate a healthy relationship with your emotions.


Together we discuss your concerns, wishes and expectations. Emotional bodywork is a process that enables you to access your own self-healing mechanisms.

75min - 125 CHF

Release blockages

Through breathing and awareness exercises, physical, mental and emotional blockages can be released so that energy flows freely again. 

Integration of emotions

Don't just confront your emotions on a theoretical level, but feel them consciously in your body. Work with your emotions as a part of you.

Unlock potential

Get to know yourself and your inner blockages more deeply and work on the patterns behind them so that you can step into your power. You are your greatest enemy and your greatest friend.


Connect with your emotions and thus with your energy. Learn to navigate the world of energy.

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