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Different practices for different situations you are experiencing.

Create your individual holistic balanced life filled with health and joy.


Connect and process your emotions to reveal the patterns behind them. An individual guided somatic therapy to release emotions.

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Individual session online & in person

- 60 min - 

120 CHF

Emotional Bodywork
Sound Healing Schweiz


Sound Healing is a form of meditationtherapy that uses the sound of various instruments to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

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Individual session in person

- 60 min - 

120 CHF


In the circle of the cacao ceremony we come together to feel, let go, strengthen and manifest. The spirit of cacao supports us with love and compassion.

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Check here the see current cacao ceremonies and events.

For private cacao ceremonies, individual or group ceremony - contact me directly and let's discuss your intention.

Kakaozeremonie Zürich
Online Yoga Schweiz


Regular yoga practice to strengthen your body and mind. Perfect to keep your work life balance.

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At the moment teaching here.

Weekly Online Yoga class in

Swiss German

- Tuesday 7-8pm (CH time) - 

Single class - 19CHF

4er pack - 68 CHF


Welcome to the Sharma - holistic living Podcast - the podcast where we dive into the universe of holism, the holistic scene aka alternative medicine. We discover together different modalities of alternative medicine, various consciousness expanding techniques from around the world and different approaches and perspectives to life.

In this podcast I want to shed some light on this mystical holistic world, what is craniosacral therapy, what happens in a tarot reading, and what is a temazcal?

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