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Yoga Luzern


Everyday life can sometimes be a bit overwhelming filled with stress: Constant sitting at work, organisational stress at the office, with family and friends and the to-do list fills up faster than you can work it off. 

Find your work life balance with yoga.

Consciously take the time to keep your body healthy and give your mind a break to maintain a holistic lifestyle.

In my yoga classes I focus on the interaction of body and breath. I use traditional Nepalese influences and combine them with modern elements.

The practice together takes place in a relaxed atmosphere - laughter and exchange also have their place.

Easy online yoga from home, ideal for beginners.

Weekly Online Yoga class in

Swiss German

- Tuesday 7-8pm (CH time) - 

Single class - 19CHF

4er pack - 68 CHF

Strengthening musculature

The activation of different muscle groups throughout the body improves the body's musculature and posture.​


Targeted stretching releases tension in the body and leads to more mobility.

Stress relief

Through body movements, targeted holding and breathing exercises, the tension in the body is released and stress is reduced.

Work Life Balance

The conscious exercises in yoga increase physical and mental self-awareness and performance.


Studies show that just 20 minutes of yoga or meditation a day is enough to change brain function and increase performance.

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