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Heart of Cacao Retreat - Weekend Retreat in Puerto Escondido

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1st - 3rd/4th of December 2023 & 12th - 14th/15th of January 2024

Choose to attend our retreat with workshops, cacao ceremony, and an exclusive tour to a cacao plantation, or opt for the full experience with accommodation. Dive into the world of cacao, from its origins to harnessing its emotional balance in a cacao ceremony.

Welcome to the Heart of Cacao Retreat - Connect with your heart. A transformative journey that invites you to embark on a profound exploration of self, emotions, and the age-old magic of cacao.

  • Explore the Ancient Art of Cacao: In the heart of this retreat lies the captivating world of cacao. Experience the rich history and cultural significance of this sacred plant as you connect with its wisdom and flavor. As part of this journey, you'll have the opportunity to visit cacao plantations to witness its cultivation and participate in a hands-on workshop to deepen your connection with this remarkable plant. Don Lupe and Isac will be your experts on this day, having experience of working with cacao over years.

  • Understand and Navigate Your Emotions in a Cacao Ceremony: Guided by experienced facilitator Alexi, immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of a cacao ceremony. Learn to embrace and understand your emotions with open arms, using cacao as a gentle guide. Allow the warmth of this sacred elixir to illuminate your emotional landscape, offering insights, healing, and a deeper connection to your heart.

  • Foster Growth and Self-Discovery with Workshops & Yoga: During your stay, engage in thoughtfully curated workshops and yoga sessions designed to nurture your personal growth and self-discovery journey. Cultivate mindfulness, enhance emotional intelligence, and embrace new tools for navigating life's twists and turns with grace.

  • Reconnect with Community and Nature: Amidst the serene backdrop of nature, rediscover the power of genuine human connection. Forge meaningful bonds with fellow retreat participants, sharing stories, laughter, and support. As you explore the beauty of the natural world, allow it to inspire your own personal growth and transformation.

At the Heart of Cacao Retreat, we invite you to embark on a unique and holistic journey. Here, you will not only connect with the essence of cacao but also, and most importantly, with the core of your being. Join us in this nurturing, immersive experience as we journey together to reconnect with our hearts and emotions.


  • Daily Yoga class

  • Cacao Tour to Cacao Plantation

  • Cacao Preparation workshop

  • Sound Healing

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Emotion Workshop

  • Breakfast & Lunch at retreat center Barbarenas

Retreat Investment Friday - Sunday: 5900 MXN (accommodation not included)

1st - 3rd/4th of December 2023 & 12th - 14th/15th of January 2024

Choose to attend our retreat or opt for the full experience with adding accommodation.








Tour to Cacao Plantation



Welcome circle


Yin Yoga & Sound Healing


Emotion workshop

Cacao workshop


Yin Yoga & Sound Healing


Cacao Ceremony

Full Package with Accommodation in Barbarenas:

Add to your retreat 3 nights accommodation and get Monday two extra yoga classes and breakfast.

Following traditional and eco-construction principles, the bungalows were constructed by local artisans using natural materials.

Bed in Dorm (4 people)

12'500 MXN - Bed in a dorm of 4 people with private bathroom.

Nook Bed

Private Room

Private Cabin

  • Place: Barbarenas

  • Reserve your spot

  • For questions: +52 55 3658 7599 or

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